24 Karat Gold Mens Necklace Stamped

24 Karat gold is often refered to as 'fine gold'. 24 Karat gold is from 99.0% to 99.9% pure gold depending on a country's laws. In China, 24 Karat gold is called “Chuk Kam”, meaning ‘pure gold’ and has a gold minimum of 99.0%. According to the World Gold Council, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, 24 carat(Karat) gold is the typical caratage (fineness)."

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Gold Jewelry is stamped with the the Karat(K) or in Europe, a number such as 750 (75% gold purit, see above table) for 18K, to indicate its gold content. The Karat marking also has a hallmark or trademark near it that identifies its maker. Also the country of origin may be included.

There is X-ray fluorescence instrumentation available to test the karat measurement of precious metals and finished jewelry. These machines allow a karat gold measurement without damaging fine jewelry.Some can also accurately determine the element composition of gold jewelry including gold, platinum, silver, paladium, rhodium and related alloys.

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